5 Ways Art Can Improve Your Living Space

Art Can Improve Your Living Space

Adding big, bold statement pieces of art is a fast way to improve your living space. Most designers start with art as their inspiration to then design a living space around. Read on to learn about how art can enhance your living space.

Living Room with No Art

Living Room with Art Added

1. Makes a Statement (Big or Small, Bold or Subtle)

Art, regardless of the size can make a calming or commanding statement in your living space. Hanging a massive abstract painting on your walls can be just as impactful as a tiny painting. 

If you look around, more often than not your walls are begging for some love. One of the best ways to showcase your home is hanging original abstract paintings on the walls! 

The bigger the artwork, the bolder the statement will be. And trust me, people will notice and comment on your statement pieces. 

2. Creates Energy and Movement Throughout Your Space

Just as a photo is worth a thousand words, a work of art is the same. Art can freeze emotion and energy in strong brush strokes or paint splatters, as well as create a soothing energy with subtle patterns and colors. 

Depending on what type of space or statement you are trying to create, proper artwork will allow you to add great movement and energy to your living space, and allow you to showcase your personality quite a bit.

For example, if your home is minimalist and modern, but you want some eccentric flair, there is no better way to communicate that than bold bright abstract artwork. 

3. Adds Color and Dimension to Your Room

These days most people are keeping their homes pretty neutral and utilizing key elements like colorful artwork to really add some pop and flair to their space. Art can turn a boring, blank wall into a beautiful showcase that makes a serious statement. 

Keeping neutral colors throughout your living space gives you a great base that is easy on the eye. This neutral base also gives you much more flexibility when it comes to what type of art and decor you plan to utilize in your space. Allowing bold and colorful works of art to have the spotlight instead of a bright wall color really makes a difference in the dimension you give your space. 

Placing large or tall works on a big wall can actually make the space look BIGGER! Yes, it seems counterintuitive, but showcasing large works for art can bring your eye up, and give your living space a much roomier feel than smaller works. 

4. Completes the Space

When walls are left blank, it can make your home or living space feel dull, drab and incomplete. Placing artwork on your walls will complete your living space by holding space for colors and textures. 

Like I mentioned before, most designers begin their process by first selecting artwork, and designing around those art pieces. Without art, the design process wouldn’t even begin! 

When your home has beautiful artwork that makes a statement, it also brings out the best in the rest of your decor because it ties everything together. 

5. Adds Texture and Depth

Having a beautiful painting hanging above your favorite couch with fun throw pillows gives your home or living space immense texture and depth that people will notice.

Art can change your home from feeling somewhat cold and uninviting, to warm and comfortable. 

Regardless of the size, or how bold a piece of art may be, it will still add depth and unique textures to your home or living space.


Art is adored by many people around the world, and for good reason. Mostly, because it makes them feel something when they view it. Even if that feeling is just that your space is complete, cozy, or bold, art has done it’s job at improving your living space.

Not all works of art are going to be statement pieces. Some works will need to compliment the statement piece, or be more subdued based on what your goals for your space will be. Utilizing art is a fantastic way to add texture, color, depth, dimension, and complete your living space. 

How have you used art to change your living space? Drop a comment below, I would love to hear from you!

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