New work release | Saturday, Nov. 11th

About Ginny St. Lawrence

Entrepreneur + Abstract Artist + Creative Business Consultant

Ginny St Lawrence painting a red painting in her studio

I'm an entrepreneur turned abstract artist currently living in Southern California.

I've been running successful small and mid market businesses for over 10 years, and painting off and on since my youth.

I prefer to spend every moment of spare time creating original abstract art as well as teaching other artists the business side of art.

I got back into painting after years of abandoning it as a way to cope with the day to day stress of running a demanding business. (read more here)

My desire is to add value to your space by breathing color, life, love, hope, happiness or healing to you with my art. Art is therapy, and being an artist has truly been a blessing in my life. (read why here)

Art is extremely personal and subjective. When you lay eyes on a piece of work, it can be void and vapid or it can hit your heart like a ton of bricks. I'm aiming for the latter. 

I believe we are all creative at heart. My hope is to inspire any creatives out there to make art daily, regardless if it sucks. 

Everything you desire in this life can be yours. You have to see, you have to believe it, dream it, and then go CREATE IT!


My Process: 

Creating art is a way to escape into my own world and create something from nothing with no rules. No rights. No wrongs. To connect with my subconscious and let energy flow out onto the canvas, allowing the canvas to become my Ouija board is me at my best. I'm thrilled to share those little bits and pieces with you.

I've learned I work best when I commit to the process, and not the outcome. When I let go of any expectations I may have for a painting, and allow it to slowly reveal itself to me.


Being able to slow down my mind and immerse myself in the moment while creating is such a gift. Though there are self-imposed pressures during any creative process, I see the pressure as a privilege, and one that is worth showing up for every day.

I plan on continuing to put my work out into the world in hopes to inspire someone else to take a seemingly negative space and fill it full of color!

I don't have all the answers, but I know if I show up and create energetic and meaningful pieces, and help creatives tap into their potential by providing business tips and advice, I will have left this world a better place. 

I sincerely appreciate you viewing my work, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out as I would love to hear from you!  


Creatively yours, 

Ginny St. Lawrence 


Photography by Brianna Caster

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