Ginny St. Lawrence


Born in Franklin, TN, I developed a love for creating things with my own two hands at an early age.

I ran a successful global e-commerce business for 10 years in San Diego, but I wanted a more creative life.

Creating art is my escape—a world without rules or expectations. Immersing myself in the moment while creating is a gift, and I'm thrilled to share those bits and pieces with you.

Here, you'll find a collection of products inspired by my diverse interests. Each item is a labor of love, from design to sourcing to shipping.

Your support means the world to my small indie business. The people I've met online and at shows have deeply impacted me.

Thank you for viewing my art.

Creatively yours,

Ginny St. Lawrence

Wife, Dog Mom, Adverturer

When I'm not making art, you can find me outdoors. I love traveling, camping, gardening, reading, diving into a DIY house project, or taking walks with my wife and our two dogs in our hometown of Franklin, TN.