Embracing Creativity at 35: My Journey into the World of YouTube

Rediscovering My Inner Artist

As I approach the age of 35, I find myself embarking on a new and exciting creative journey – pursuing YouTube. This decision may seem unconventional, but it feels like a natural progression for me, a way to express myself and connect with others in a meaningful way.

My path to this point has been a winding one, filled with personal and professional challenges. During the pandemic, I was running a business and feeling pulled in multiple directions, both mentally and emotionally. It was then that I rediscovered my passion for art, turning to abstract painting as a way to process my thoughts and emotions.

For years, I had been on a creative hiatus, focusing on other forms of expression like photography, videography, and graphic design. But there was something about the act of putting paint to canvas that resonated with me on a deeper level. It was a way to reconnect with myself, to work through the frustrations and resentments that had been building up.

As I continued to push myself creatively, I began to recognize the profound impact that this artistic exploration was having on my well-being. It was a therapeutic process, one that allowed me to unwind and find clarity amidst the chaos of life. The act of creating, of trying to capture the images in my mind and translate them onto the canvas, became a powerful form of self-expression.

Embracing the YouTube Journey

Now, as I stand at the precipice of a new chapter, I find myself drawn to the world of YouTube. It's a platform that has long been a source of inspiration and education for me, a place where I've learned invaluable skills, from wiring a fan in a converted Sprinter van to installing floors and changing light fixtures.

The idea of starting a YouTube channel at the age of 35 may seem daunting, but it also feels like a natural progression in my creative journey. I've always been drawn to the power of visual storytelling, and the thought of sharing my experiences, my passions, and my artistic process with a wider audience is both exciting and a little bit scary.

What will this YouTube journey entail? Well, I plan to share a diverse range of content, from traditional and digital art-making tutorials to DIY projects, gardening adventures, and even glimpses into my personal life. I want to create a space where I can connect with like-minded individuals, inspire others, and continue to grow as an artist and a content creator.

Embracing the Challenges and Opportunities

I'm well aware that starting a YouTube channel at 35 is not without its challenges. It's a daunting prospect, and I know that I'll be facing a steep learning curve. But I'm also excited by the possibilities that this platform presents.

YouTube has been a source of inspiration for me, a place where I've discovered people living truly unique and aspirational lives. Watching them navigate their own transformations, from one life to another, has been both captivating and motivating. I hope that through my own content, I can provide a similar glimpse into my own journey, offering insights and inspiration to others who may be embarking on their own creative paths.

As I embark on this new adventure, I'm filled with a mix of emotions – excitement, trepidation, and a deep sense of purpose. I know that the road ahead may not be easy, but I'm committed to embracing the process, learning and growing with each video I create.

A Commitment to Creativity and Connection

My decision to start a YouTube channel at 35 is not one that I've taken lightly. It's a commitment that I'm making to myself, to my creative expression, and to the possibility of connecting with a community of like-minded individuals.

I may not know exactly where this journey will lead, but I'm excited to take the first steps. I'm committed to documenting my progress, sharing my triumphs and challenges, and hopefully inspiring others along the way.

So, here I am, at the cusp of a new chapter, embracing the unknown and the excitement of what lies ahead. I invite you to join me on this creative adventure, as we explore the world of art, DIY, gardening, and the joys of living a life filled with passion and purpose.


As I embark on this new YouTube journey, I'm filled with a sense of anticipation and a deep desire to connect with others who share my passion for creativity and self-expression. It's a path that may not be the most conventional, but it's one that feels true to who I am.

I'm excited to see where this journey will take me, and I'm grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences, my learnings, and my artistic process with a wider audience. Whether you're a fellow artist, a DIY enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the power of visual storytelling, I hope that my content will resonate with you and inspire you to embrace your own creative passions.

So, let's embark on this adventure together, one video at a time, and see where the path of creativity and connection leads us.

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