How to Become an Artist | How to Be an Artist | 5 Actionable Tips

How to Be an Artist | How to Become an Artist | 5 Actionable Tips

So you want to become an artist? Hell yes! It's actually not as hard as you thinkI truly believe that everyone is creative, we just tend to lose touch with our creative self as we age. Becoming an artist is takes the right positive mindset, some art materials, an open mind to learning, and consistent action. Let’s go through 5 quick ways in which you can become an artist. 

If you’re more of a visual learner - check out my YouTube video on this exact same topic! 

1. Believe You’re an Artist

One of the most important steps to becoming a successful artist is to believe you're an artist. That might sound somewhat cheesy, but stay with me. Your mental approach to how you view yourself not only as a person, but an artist will be your biggest strength or greatest weakness. (read that again)!

I truly believe that we are all creative at heart, we just lose touch with our creative energy at times throughout our lives. When we wander away from our creative self, it’s easy to allow self doubt and fear creep in. Make an active effort to push those negative thoughts about yourself and your art out of your head and believe you’re an artist. If you don't, no one else will!

Practice visualizing your artwork - what does it look like? What style will it be? What colors, shapes, textures will you use? Visualize yourself creating art, and selling it. Keep positive thoughts and beliefs about yourself and your art. I know this sounds super "woo woo" but I promise you, this positivity stuff works.

2. Acquire Materials to Make Art

You can’t be an artist without art supplies! If you’re wondering what art supplies to use, check out my favorite art supplies YouTube video where I go over all of the art supplies that I personally use. You need materials to make art. When you’re first starting out, start with what you already have. If that is a pen and paper, USE THAT! If you have some old cheap paints, use those! Don’t get caught up in the need for fancy art supplies to become an artist. Just start producing with whatever materials that you already have. 

Over time, as you continue to create more and more art and progress your skills, start investing in better material. Yes, quality art supplies does make a difference in your art, but not as much as you creating art as often as you possibly can! Which leads us right into the next step….

3. Create Art Often! (like really f*cking often)

Create art as often as you physically, emotionally, and spiritually can! This is so so important, regardless if you are just starting out, or well into your art career. You need to be less precious and more productive! What I mean by that is make a lot of freaking art! More than you'd like, and then keep going!

Quantity over quality here people. Get those paint brushes moving! Having a daily habit of creating art in some shape or form will really propel your art career forward. Your ability to improve will be tenfold when you’re creating mass bodies of work. The more often you create art, the more comfortable with your creative process and materials you will be. Plus, you will fast track yourself to your own art style

Experiment, get messy, get creative! The more active you are in your studio, and the more often you create, the better an artist you will become. Remember to also be gentle with yourself. If you don’t feel up to painting on a particular day, then just clean your studio. Or do inventory of your paints, canvases, etc. You can still “create” in your studio, even if it is just creating space for new work to be produced tomorrow or the next day. Just show up, rinse, and repeat!

4. Hone Your Craft

Be. A. Sponge! Have the mindset of being a forever student of art. Learn as much as you possibly can from other artists by reading blogs like this one, watching youtube videos, taking online courses, etc. 

There is a lot to learn from other artists. One thing to keep in mind is to still stay true to who you are and the art you are called to create. It’s okay to adapt another artists method or palette or style to your own, but stay true to you, and create genuine and honest art that resonates with you, not someone else! When you create your art, it will shine through and speak for itself in your paintings. 

Learn the rules of art. Learn about value, and contrast, color theory, and composition. These fundamentals of art are so important to learn! As artists, we are rebels - we like to break the rules. In order to break the rules, you must know them! So roll up your sleeves, and open your mind, and learn baby! I promise, you won’t regret it. Plus, you never know what educating yourself can bring to you and your art. 

5. Put Your Work Out There

This is scary and terrifying and everything evil. Yes, I know. You’re scared of rejection or someone hating your work, right? Put it out there anyways! Look, part of being an artist is sharing your work with others! Who loves a painting that secretly sits in an artist studio, never seeing the light of day?

Put your work out there people! Get a website, share it on social media, or with your friends family and local communities. The world needs more art! Know this: not everyone is going to love or even like your work and that is okay. It’s actually a REALLY good thing! It means those people, are not your people. After all, if you’re trying to please everyone, you’re going to please no one. So create art that resonates with you - that is an honest reflection of you and who you are, and I promise people will love it. And when they do, those are your people!

Don’t be afraid or scared to share your work. Be kind to yourself, but also honor your art. Even if it sucks, you still put it out there. And if you’re still scared, I will leave you with this… What’s the worst that could happen?


Becoming an artist is easier than you think. It takes the right mindset, some materials, an open mind and consistent action!

I hope this was helpful. I made a video on this exact topic here on my art youtube channel, so feel free to watch if you’re interested. 

What is holding you back from becoming an artist? Drop the comment below and let’s start a chat! :) 

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